Network health management

Active and passive threat detection, with intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and network asset management.

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Expert analysis

Our cybersecurity analysts will improve your security posture by working directly with you and your 3rd party IT vendors. Contact them any time.

Effortless deployment

Install our lightweight, rack-mountable device in minutes on a span port. Configured easily out-of-the-box, and highly customizable for your networking environment.

NERC CIP and PCI compliance help

We will help you meeting some of the regulatory requirements through our services.

Intelligent Security Software
removes the noise so you can focus on what's important

Identify, mitigate, and remediate.

Customized alerting

Configure e-mail alerting, and meet threats head-on.

Vulnerability scanning

Find vulnerable software on your network. Schedule scans and configure IP ranges for inclusion or exclusion. Transform OS and software vulnerabilities in to actionable threat intelligence.

ICS and SCADA monitoring

Prevent catastrophic attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks.


Powerful analysis software

Our software slices and dices troves of data; trust us when we say, you'll be amazed.

Communicate direct with analysts

Available by phone, or our web portal; investigate threats and improve your security posture with an expert.

Manage complex IT networks

Our asset management and vulnerability scanning features will help you manage your IT infrastructure, and stop threats before they start.

Threat Detection and Management

Our intrusion detection system (IDS) is battle-tested against internal and external threats. We're ready for any IT or OT environment, big or small.

Real time threat intelligence

See threats as they're happening. Investigate the devices on your network. Or configure alerts based on the severity. See where attacks are coming from, and which devices are affected.


Actionable data and reports

Investigate potential threats and incidents. Zero in on what's important. We'll send you a bi-weekly report, and updates whenever there's something which requires your immediate attention.

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Active and passive detection

Monitor and scan live network traffic and endpoint devices. Detect attacks and attackers. Discover exploitable vulnerabilities. Our product detects and reports:

  • Security policy violations
  • Malware and viruses
  • Software and OS vulnerabilities
  • Reconnaissance, exploit attempts, DOS/DDOS
  • Rogue devices
  • Asset identification

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Why Us

Operational, financial, and regulatory compliance benefits.

Operational Benefits

  • Increased reliability and service integrity
  • Reduced cyber threat risk
  • Reduced impact from attacks
  • Faster recovery
  • Access to cybersecurity experts

Financial and Regulatory Benefits

  • Affordable managed service
  • Lower cost of recovery
  • Duty of Care support (Insurance)
  • Helps with NERC CIP and PCI

Our Expertise

Since 2002 we've been building products and providing services to secure critical assets, in disparate and challenging verticals:


Smart grid, SCADA, distributed field devices, public and private networks... these challenging plants have a huge attack surface. We can help!


Mission critical services with extremely high availability requirements of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), and corporate IT networks. We're up to the task!

Oil & Gas

Internet of Things, data firehoses, and high stakes. Let us help you prevent costly outages.

Have a challenege for our product not listed above? Reach out and let's discuss.

How it works

Acquiring and installing our product is easy!

Initial consultation

We confer about the size and complexity of your network over the phone.

1-2 hours

Purchase decision

You've concluded we are the natural choice to protect your network. Thanks!

Hardware configuration and delivery

We get your hardware ready to go, and ship it to your door.

5 business days

Plug and play installation

You connect our product to your network span port. Easy!

5 minutes

Web portal training and configuration

Not to brag, but our web software is pretty powerful. We'll train your staff and help you configure it.

1-4 hours

Direct contact with our analysts

We'll reach out with concerns and help you improve your security posture. Reach out any time with questions and concerns.

Our Customers

"As a result of having N-Sentinel in our network I feel like we have a granular filter to identify potential cyber threats plus provide us with specific guidance on what actions for our IT team to take to improve our security. We have learned that threat data is just that unless you turn it into something you can use to take action."
IS Manager, Southern US co-op
"N-Sentinel Monitoring identifies about 10% more cybersecurity issues than our firewall, which could be critical. In addition, it provides us with the insights and guidance we need to fine tune our firewall policies. It is a resource we rely on to help us keep cybersecurity risk in check."
IT Manager at Northwestern US Co-op
"…Threat monitoring is a critical layer of protection that all utilities need. We are pleased to provide this guidance to all of our utility members to help them improve their cyber safety so they can ensure continued reliable operations."
VP of Midwest at Joint Action Agency in US
"…We were unaware of some of the cybersecurity risks N-Sentinel Monitoring identified and guided us in fixing. We appreciate the initiative taken by MPUA in helping us reduce risk; it is a real advantage for us."
Midwestern Municipal Power Utility in US
"…Threats are growing more hostile and frequent, connected grid technologies are creating new exposures and new challenges. With cyber threats on the rise, monitoring and awareness of vulnerabilities is essential to mitigate risk."
VP of Finance at Canadian utility
"…Without continuous threat monitoring it’s easy to get a false sense that your security systems are already protecting you when they may not be. To know how to protect your network you first need to know what’s attacking it and that’s where N-Sentinel Monitoring has really helped."
Manager, Substation Electric at Large Southern US Municipal Power Utility
"It is a huge benefit for us to be able to run a vulnerability assessment frequently. I now feel more confident in our ability to quickly identify end point vulnerabilities and shut them down before they become a serious issue."
IT Manger at Southern US Municipal Power Utility
"N-Sentinel’s utility community data is an added value that gives us early warning and insights into developing cyber threat trends enabling us to take action to protect ourselves before a threat hits us."
IT Manager at Mid-Atlantic Electric Co-op in US
"…N-Sentinel Monitoring alerted us to some unusual traffic that enabled us to take precautions. …it became even clearer to us and our board of directors how critical continuous cybersecurity monitoring and comprehensive threat information is to protect the utility and our customers."
VP of Finance at Midwestern Electric Co-op in US
"N-Sentinel identified a number of cybersecurity concerns along with the specific network and security devices that needed fine tuning to improve our security integrity. We received guidance on the actions to take and as a result, IT has become far more efficient."
VP of IT at Southern Joint Action Agency in the US
"I was surprised and concerned to see the high number and severity of threats... I knew right away we had work to do to improve our security posture and armed with the detailed information from N-Sentinel plus guidance from N-Dimension’s team of security experts, we have made significant improvements."
CIO at Southern Electric Co-op in US
"…we knew it was likely threats were hitting our utility but didn’t know how often or how much harm... N-Sentinel provides us with a detailed understanding of threats and how to improve our security posture."
Director of Retail Utility Services at Midwestern Joint Action Agency

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